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Article: Hummingbirds by Cecilia Mok

Hummingbirds by Cecilia Mok

Hummingbirds by Cecilia Mok

As a child Cecilia loved to draw and create using a variety of mediums. This imagination led her to study fashion and textiles along with fine arts.  While taking a break to start a family, she embraced the opportunity to make a career change into the world of print and textile design.

Cecilia loves to produce highly decorative designs that celebrate the beauty of nature and include symbolic storytelling, including emblematic flowers of China, and birds to symbolise freedom and hope.


The Hummingbirds design is a chinoiserie garden, abundant with flowers and pollinators, capturing a lively and vibrant natural scene.

Appreciate our living world of bold colour with the Hummingbirds Collection in collaboration with Cecilia Mok.