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  Meet Georgina Forbes, the incredible artist and designer behind the exclusive print for our high summer collection! 🌈 🦋 ✨

One thing about Georgina is that she's always loved colour in every aspect of her life! Get to know the artist behind Lordy Dordie Art, and get a sneak peek behind the scenes of the making of the Rainbow Gingham print...
The Brisbane based artist, illustrator and surface pattern designer behind Lordy Dordie.

"Welcome to my colourful happy corner of the universe! Colour is how I express myself in my art, and I believe it is one of the most importantelements to create life and heart in my artworks.
What I’ve found is that people strongly connect with colour – it has a powerful visual impact and I truly believe it directly influences mood and emotion.
Through my artworks, I want to connect you to the joy that colour brings!"
The making of the Rainbow Gingham print...

Our high summer drop featuring the stunning Rainbow Gingham in breathable natural fibres. This playful, vibrant print evokes hot summer days & long leisurely lunches with good friends. Find out more about this beautiful collection here.