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Article: The Sunshine Project Delhi

The Sunshine Project Delhi

The Sunshine Project Delhi

ella & sunday are dedicated to promoting women's empowerment in India, through supporting organisations such as The Stitching Project & Women Weave.

This year my son Harry & I visited The Sunshine Project in Dehli who provide homeless children with a safe enviroment during the day along with food, clothing, healthcare and education. While I worked in Delhi, Harry went to the Project and spent time with the kids. He loved it so much, he returned day after day, making his way there by himself using Tuk Tuks and the Delhi Metro. He spoke English with them, played soccer and cricket in the park, and even went out to lunch with some of the older boys.

In our travels around India, Harry and I discussed what we could do to help. It all seemed to come together without much effort! I discovered some beautiful Jocelyn Proust stock fabric at my factory, and then spoke to another supplier who made cosmetic bags in three different sizes.

Voila! Buy them as a nested set of three or separately! 

100% of the retail price for these bags will go towards sponsoring a beautiful girl at The Sunshine Project. All the details are still to be finalised, but I will visit her on my next trip to India - I can't wait!