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Article: Chintz by Fizah Malik

Chintz by Fizah Malik

Chintz by Fizah Malik

The story of textiles in India is one of the oldest in the world and handmade textiles are embedded in every aspect of its identity. Chintz was originally coined to describe the bright, beautiful cottons the Europeans found so appealing in the 17th century.

Our Spring collection features the exclusive print, Chintz on luxury linens and quality cottons. Talented surface artist Fizah Malik created the stunning design inspired by a colour palette that Rani loved. Balancing this bold print is the vibrant hues of lapis and ice blue.

Want to learn more about Fizah? This self confessed crazy plant lady is not only a talented surface artist but also a Mum of 2! She is a dual national with roots in Pakistan and her heart in Sydney.

Her creative journey began at quite a young age when she started drawing tiny houses with mountains in the backdrop and a sun shining above with a smile on its face.

Fast forward many years that passion led to a Masters degree in Textile Design and desire to fill the world with pattern. She is absolutely crazy about Paisleys, Boho decor and florals and mostly draws inspiration from nature and ethnic rugs. 

Fizah's South Asian Heritage can be constantly seen in her work with exquisite details and strong passion for colour and craftsmanship.

Fall in love with Chintz with a style that you will love!