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Article: Awaken the Senses With Geo

Awaken the Senses With Geo

Awaken the Senses With Geo

After the hibernation of winter, our new print by Julie Harrison of Pattern Play Studio will reawaken the senses with a design that balances the beauty of geometry & the gem like pops of pink and green.

Julie's clever designs have become synonymous with ella & sunday injecting a whimsy to our style that is irresistible.

We asked Julie to explain her proces behind this beautiful print...

This pattern started as a quick drawing of simple shapes in my sketchbook which then sparked an idea.  I was remembering a Mediterranean holiday from a few years ago and the mosaic tiled floors of a Villa I had seen. The sketch took form and I quickly jumped into my favourite design software Adobe Illustrator to turn my rough sketches into a pattern.

I am typically known for designing floral prints, but every once in a while, I like to try to design something different. So rather than create a typical geometric pattern tile that was uniform and rigid in its structure, I wanted to experiment by designing a modern geometric print that wasn’t exactly perfect, much like the mosaic tiling on the floor of the Villa I remembered. My idea was to include the simple shape of contrasting hard and soft edges and fill them with both a warm and cool colour palette of cream, caramel, charcoal, pink and green.

Infuse a touch of mischief to your wardrobe this Spring with Geo. Shop the look here.