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Article: Winter Berries

Winter Berries

Winter Berries

The oh-so talented surface artist, Julie Harrison Pattern Play Studio crafted this gorgeous print piece by piece. In doing so, Julie fulfilled our brief for Winter 2024; dress for joy 🌼

Winter Berries began as a tissue paper collage. This technique creates interest and depth by using textured card and overlapping transparent tissue. If you look closely at the printed fabric, you can see the texture created by the process, especially in the berries and pale pink leaves.

The design evolved over time and had different "seasons" before Julie landed on the final colour is the first print test! You can see the layered tissue paper and the texture it creates.
Julie then digitised the design and played with the colour palette and layout of the berries, leaves and blossoms. The results being a stunning design in vivid colour!
ella & sunday have created a mix and match capsule collection with this stunning, vibrant print. Produced using organic cotton and organic cotton linen, this limited range is also giving back to the environment, giving you another reason to smile when you wear it. Pair Winter Berries back with our denim basics, or cord collection, for the ultimate in dopamine dressing. View it here.

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