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Article: RETRO BLOOM by Julie Harrison

RETRO BLOOM by Julie Harrison

RETRO BLOOM by Julie Harrison

ella & sunday love print and colour and our latest exclusive print by friend and fellow creative Julie Harrison of Pattern Play Studio is no different!

Julie tells us about the process in designing this beautiful print and even shares her original artwork which is a real treat!

"Retro Bloom was created when I wanted to loosen up with my design style. A lot of graphic design work I do is technical and detailed, so during one of my studio days I had an urge to paint quickly and loosely, experiment with gestural mark making with an idea to form abstract floral motifs.

When I scanned the original painted marks to develop the pattern further, I knew I wanted to digitise the artwork to assist in easier colour changes, and design layout ideas within Adobe Illustrator. I love designs that have flat, bold, graphic shapes, so Illustrator is often my ‘go to’ software when designing. I’m really pleased with the energy and movement that came from hand painting the motifs initially.

The colour palette came from nostalgic memories of designs in my childhood of the 70’s and I added the pink colours which contrast beautifully with the bolder primary colours.

This is probably one of my favourite prints that I’ve designed so far."

On her recent trip to our beautiful neck of the woods, Julie dropped in to try on the Retro Bloom capsule! She left with the Lizzie Dress, Blake Pants along with a set of Summer PJ's for herself and another for a gift! I should have taken a photo of her in one of the outfits, but I always think of these things after the fact!

Here is a lovely photo of us together with the Retro Bloom print in the background.