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The Stitching Project - For the Love

The Stitching Project - For the Love

The Stitching Project is an amazing social enterprise run by fellow Aussie, Fiona Wright. Through the education of local Rajasthani women, together they create beautiful, handmade textiles. Offering equal pay, many of these rural women are earning a wage for the first time in their lives, providing them with new pathways towards friendship & financial independence.

The garments are unique using handloomed, unbleached, natural fibres. Many have been hand printed and hand stitched with a contemporary twist. This season we have experimented with natural indigo dyes and mud resist block printing.

The art of hand block printing has been practiced for centuries in India. A process that requires steady movement and careful hand-eye coordination. This traditional technique of fabric printing involves the use of carved wooden blocks that are dipped in dye to recreate intricate designs.

We hope you love the designs we have created through our collaboration with @the_stitching_project